Computer Science is not just about writing code, it is also about developing quality systems on-time, on a predictable budget and making certain that the code works as planned. It is about doing the right things, at the right time and also understanding what others will accomplish and by when.

Our Approach

Our approach to software improvement starts by getting into the trenches and understanding how the job is getting done now. We come in with an open mind and an assumption that everyone is doing the right thing at the right time. Our goal is never to make changes just for the sake of making a change and force new ways of doing things when nothing is broken. Only when we have clearly understood where true improvements can be made, we start providing the leadership to explain and promote the changes that will overcome the existing challenges. This way we make effective use of best practices and help the team improve their development practices in an effective and successful way. We add value by being knowledgeable about the the Process Improvement Models and methodologies, best practices and most of all remembering that we are in business to make our clients successful.

Our Competency


  • Agile Software development

  • Rational Unified Process

  • Test Driven Development

  • Software build and deployment Process

  • UML

Our Capability


Software Process Assessment - A software process assessment is a means for organizations to identify their strengths, weaknesses, existing improvement activities, and key areas for improvement. It enables them to determine the current state of their software process and to develop action plan for improvements. We can help you assess the current state of your software development process and propose what will be the best course of change to improve or remove any short comings.

Establishing the right process for your organization - Define the set of activities, methods and practices and transformations that your organization can use to develop and maintain software and its associated products.


Process Mentoring - Help the team transition through to the new process.