Our engineers at SoftExcel Technologies Inc., always welcome an opportunity to apply their expertise, creativity and training in finding the most innovative technological solution for our clients toughest business problems. We are armed with a complete arsenal of superior information technology services that can be quickly deployed to solve our clients business problems. Our fundamental offering is designing and implementing custom software applications using a pragmatic software development methodology and a wide spectrum of commercial as well as open source programming languages, software libraries, frameworks and tools. The primary goal in all our offerings is to provide the maximum ROI for our clients.

Our core capability is managing the full software development lifecycle. We realize that in today's complex business environment, just having technical expertise is hardly sufficient. What is really required is a thorough understanding of client's business; this ensures that the technical solution delivered is easily adapted in the business environment and is crafted in a fashion that makes it flexible for future changes thus providing maximum ROI for our clients for a long time. To this end, we offer a full spectrum of services starting with business analysis that breaks down a business problem in a manner that is conducive to developing the right software solution for the problem and a full life-cycle software engineering service featuring custom software design, software construction, software testing and deployment and finally software maintenance.