A project without strong leadership is like a horse that meanders without a rider. It will run fast but it will never reach its final goal. A successful project requires a strong leader as well as a team that is fully qualified to perform the job. If a strong technical leader is not on board from the onset of a project, chances of success are slim. Another challenge that most organizations face is to train programmers to become experienced seasoned developers. Learning while on the project leads to mistakes that might turn out to be very costly.

in today's environment of constant technical changes finding and recruiting talented technical leaders and engineers is very challenging. SoftExcel Technologies Inc., can quickly fill this gap for your organization.


Our Approach


SoftExcel Technologies Inc., can put in place a team of highly experienced engineers that have delivered many large scale complex projects, have the experience to identify and avoid early technical mistakes and can assist and deploy a process and initial architecture that can veer a project in the right direction. This core team of engineers will provide your developers veteran leadership as well as mentoring services. Our engineers are experienced subject matter experts who will work with your staff at your site on your application to ensure your success.


Our Capability


  • In-class or on-project training and mentoring
  • Project management
  • Software architecture design and deployment