Software applications and systems are an essential part of running a business. Typically these applications and system, especially older ones, have evolved over the years to support changing business requirements. These changes generally leave the applications brittle and monolithic. It becomes impossible to change such monolithic applications to support the evolutionary enhancements required by a business to stay competitive.

If your organization is facing a high cost maintaining existing applications and is finding upgrading these applications next to impossible due to lack of flexibility and agility, shrinking labor pool to support these applications and end-of-life announcements from the infrastructure/software vendors, it is time to consider a IT modernization effort.


What Options Are Available


1. Move existing applications to a modern platform. If you are satisfied by the existing functionality provided by your applications but are worried about the future because of hardware obsolescence, lack of vendor support and cost and enhancements associated with your mainframe environment, you should consider re-hosting your existing applications on modern server platforms
2. Re-engineer existing applications by reusing existing business processes and business rules but designing and implementing a new application using modern technologies for a new platform. This process requires a reverse engineering step to understand and document existing business process and rules and then apply forward engineering to re-architect a new application for the modern platform.
3. Implement a completely new application based on new business processes and abandon existing legacy applications. If the existing applications are built on inefficient processes, a completely new application  might provide a superior solution.
4. Convert existing applications into services that reduces redundancy and is a candidate for being reused to create more agile business processes. This effort can help business IT systems move toward implementing functionally enhanced systems using web services/SOA.


Allow us to help


SoftExcel technologies Inc., can help you in your IT modernization effort.There are two distinct categories of skills required to migrate an organizations legacy applications, SoftExcel Technologies Inc., excels in both these categories.
1. Ability to understand what is actually happening within an organizations legacy applications. What those applications do and under what circumstances. To in-fact create a reliable form of documentation where none actually exists within the application itself. SoftExcel Technologies strong experience with Business Analysis helps us understand an organizations existing legacy environment, and allows us to plan and execute transformation of the legacy application.
2. Strong software engineering skills and command over modern technologies and tools. We have been in the business of developing complex software applications for years. Our expertise in technologies such as java, JEE and Oracle helps us in  migrating an existing application to modern platform.