The Company - SoftExcel Technologies Inc. is a privately held, Washington DC metropolitan area based small business. Founded in year 2000, the company is a leading provider of comprehensive IT consulting services for several Fortune 500 and growing companies in various industries. SoftExcel Technologies Inc. is also venturing into the government sector and will be providing IT services to several government agencies.

Our People -
We are a group of highly trained software engineers with roots in information technology. Our engineers have earned advanced degrees in computer science and engineering and have trained in prestigious schools throughout the United States of America. We have more than 15 years of experience in designing and developing software systems of all sizes and complexity. We firmly believe that quality IT services can only be provided by highly skilled and trained IT professionals. SoftExcel Technologies is a group of such IT professionals.

Our unwavering commitment to customer success supported by experienced and highly skilled staff, our culture, values and philosophy sets us apart from a typical staff augmentation IT consulting company.

Our Process